Affects all Isla Nycta game servers, Discord channels, and affiliated sites.

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Isla Nycta Staff reserve the right skip all "warning" punishments and permanently ban someone that has proven to have no regard for our rules or community. If you feel you were unfairly banned, contact a Head Admin.

We go by a 5 offense system. Where the first 3 rule breaks will each be a kick, the 4th progresses to a 24 hour ban, and the 5th is an Indefinite Ban. The exception to this is if you break one of the following rules, you will skip the 3 kicks and get an immediate 24 hour ban, making your next rule break an Indefinite Ban.

• Mass kill (3+ bodies).

• Combat Logging.

• Spamming or posting racist/homophobic/sexist/etc. comments in global.

• Multiple rule breaks in a short span of time.

These offenses carry between server types where applicable. IE: If you're 24 banned for being continuously racist on a Survival server, you will be banned indefinitely on all servers if you repeat your actions on Death Match.

Every month, your offenses are reviewed to see if a mark against you will be removed. Should your ban be lifted and you receive another Indefinite Ban, it will become a Permanent, instead. Even if you manage to get a clean slate from the monthly removals of kicks the second punishment of an Indefinite Ban will be Permanent.


Affects all Isla Nycta game servers, Discord channels, and affiliated sites.

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1. Have fun!

2. Do not ping Isle Devs, Admins, or any role above those without a valid reason. Moderators can handle most issues, go to them first!

3. Abuse of @everyone or trolling will result in a ban that can not be appealed.

4. No posting pictures/links of any kind in general chat.

5. Don't be a dick to anyone in the discord. Proper punishment will be assigned.

6. Posting racist/homophobic/sexist/etc. comments can lead to an automatic ban.

7. Having to be warned more than once may result in a temporary ban/kick.

8. No self advertising/server advertising in any channel, including #offtopic.

9. Keep chats appropriate and on-topic.

10. Discussions that may get out of hand must be taken it to PMs.

11. Don't abuse reactions, proper punishment will be assigned.

12. Don't impersonate staff. You will be banned.

13. Stealing/posting art from an artist in this discord without permission will result in a ban.

14. Stay in the appropriate voicechat for the dino you are playing.

15. Read the profile of the dino you choose to play #carnivore-profiles/#herbivore-profiles.

16. Lying in reports to get your dino back/get someone kicked. You'll receive the kick instead if proof is provided.

17. Do not give out locations of players in the discord channels, regardless of circumstance.

In addition;

Attempting to abuse loopholes in these rules may still result in punishment. We expect you to use common sense when playing here, as the rules would have to be 5 pages long if we clarified every grey area. If you have questions on if something is allowed or not, contact a staff member or don't do it.


Rules specifically mandated for the Isla Nycta Isle Semi-Realism servers.

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• NO killing for sport/on sight. Only kill what you plan to eat.

• NO targeting.

• NO revenge killing.

• NO spawn killing or camping. (If someone just logged in; give them space and a chance to move/react first. No hovering over someone and not giving them a chance. If someone clearly just freshly spawned, you're at a spawn point. Lingering and killing multiple fresh spawns may result in a kick).

• NO spam calling.

• NO purposely making your body inedible to prevent something hunting you from eating you. (running into water/off cliffs).

• NO asking people to kill you. (If nothing is around to hunt you, you may drown or cliff dive. If requested, an Admin might assist you with respawning.)

• NO cliff drinking! (Drinking from high up cliff side/in unrealistic places)

• NO baiting other players to hunt them, including but not limited to:

  • -- Inviting someone to a group to see their location so they can be killed.

  • -- Turning on someone that’s in your group; you must remove them from the group and 3 roar them multiple times first; give them a chance to run.

  • -- Hiding during a territory/pack/food challenge. All valid parties must be seen.

• NO combat logging. If you escape but are bleeding, you cannot log out until you stop. If you do, you will be banned.

• DO NOT give out locations of you, your pack/herd, predator or prey.

• Herbivores are NOT allowed to corpse guard. If a Herb kills something and is bleeding, it must move away from the corpse to allow carnivores to eat.

• Carebearing is NOT permitted at any time. (Carnivore protecting Herbivore, vice versa)

• Insults/Spam/Racism/Sexual references/Roleplay is NOT tolerated in global chat. You may be kicked/banned without warning. If you are going to roleplay keep it in the in-game group chat.


Rules specifically mandated for the Isla Nycta Isle “Semi-Realism” server(s).

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• Carnivores (solo, pair or pack) may corpse guard ONE corpse. If multiple corpses are in the same area, they can claim all corpses that are touching or within the carni's body length of each other (tail touching one corpse, nose touching another)

• Carnivores may CHALLENGE for another dinosaurs claimed corpse if they do not fear them. Both parties must threaten roar (3 call) to initiate and accept a challenge for food. If one side 4 calls, the fight ends and the winner claims the corpse.

• You MUST have a mate to nest as a Tier 4+ dinosaur. Tier 1-3 dinosaurs may nest asexually.

• If you 3 call something near your CLAIMED food multiple times and it does not leave, you may attack and chase it off but if it 4 calls and runs away, let it escape.

• You can NOT claim Puerta bodies. Carnivores will tolerate each other due to the amount of food it's corpse gives.

• AI corpses do NOT count as a corpse. You can still be hunted/killed with one present. Only player corpses count towards hunting. AI gore do count as edible and claimable.

• If there is unclaimed corpse/gore that is edible to you, (non-AI) corpse, or a body claimed by dinosaurs that cannot contest you, you must eat that before hunting other players.

• Avoid Lists are MANDATORY, they are there to help you survive on the server by knowing what you should be staying away from because those things are very likely to hunt or kill you. If something on your Avoid List is hunting you, you can defend yourself/your pack until it gives up or you all get the chance to escape. You cannot challenge or hunt something on your avoid list if you do not have the minimum required pack taking part in the hunt (actively circling/attacking the prey where it has a chance to fight back) - unless you fall under these exceptions:

Non-apex Pairs/Packs: There is absolutely no other food (other dinosaurs, unclaimed bodies, gore, etc.) available. Though you must abide by the pack limitations to hunt or challenge apexes.

Solo apexes: Can hunt paired apexes if you cannot see one of the mates or they are a considerable distance apart (distance can be determined by staff); Can challenge an apex pair for their food if one or both are bleeding or injured.

Herbivores: Can be aggressive to dinosaurs you avoid if you have claimed food, water (for stegos only) or are actively nesting.


Rules specifically mandated for the Isla Nycta Isle “Semi-Realism” server(s).

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• Aggressive carnivores are allowed and expected to claim/act aggressive to other carnivores near their food, it is your territory. Herbivores can claim/guard a food bush from other herbivores for the same reason.

Aggression Key for Carnivores: Tier 1-2 are passive to and tolerated by higher tiers unless threatened away. Tier 3 are neutral. Tier 4 pairs/packs are aggressive to the same and above tiers, and tier 5 are highly aggressive to those of their own tier.

• If you're an aggressive dinosaur (herbivore or carnivore) you may be aggressive to anything within your attack range. 3 call and mock attack before doing actual damage.

• When chasing off other dinosaurs that you do not want near you, do NOT chase them further than a few seconds from where you started to chase. If they are running away they do not want to fight.

• If a pack member is killed during a hunt, you and your pack MUST back down. Do not continue to fight. Eat your packmates body first, then resume the hunt once the corpse is gone. If your prey is another carnivore and it claims the corpse, you must 3 call to challenge them for it.

• Herbivores prefer to run when threatened, but if it's not possible (too slow or with young) they are able to defend themselves/their herd to the death. If the carnivore 4 calls, the herbivore can choose to kill it if it saves their own/herd's life (being hunted by a pack/pair and killing one member to escape). Herbivores still CANNOT chase down the carnivore to kill it, but may continue attacking if it remains in your personal space or continues trying to hunt you. The hunt ends when a body drops.

• Herbivores CANNOT go out of their way protect other species of herbivore, but may use each other as meatshields if they tolerate one another. The larger herbivores can protect themselves against carnivores within their personal space, inadvertently protecting the smaller ones in the process.


Rules specifically mandated for the Isla Nycta Isle “Semi-Realism” server(s).

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• If you are willing to take over a herd (i.e. Shant, Trike, Anky) you fight it out until you or the other 4 calls. Do not continue to attack, you win. These fights should not result in a death. If you do not win, you have to wait 30 minutes before trying to take it back.

• For herds that can mix-species (I.E. Ceratopsians and Hadrosaurs), the dominant herb species will prioritize their own kind before letting the other species eat.

• Ceratopsians (Trike, Diablo, Ava) and Hadrosaurs (Shant, Para, Maia) are aggressive towards each other, and cannot herd together.

• Shant herds will tolerate Maia/Para herds and Tier 1-2 Carnis, unless nesting then they are aggressive to all but their shant herd.

• Trike herds will tolerate Diablo/Ava herds and Tier 1-2 Carnis, unless nesting then they are aggressive to all but their trike herd.

• If your pack/herd is full, any babies that grow to Sub Adult must be kicked out.

• Ankys, Stegos and Theris will avoid all confrontation between Shants and Trikes, but tolerate smaller ceratopsians/hadrosaurs at a distance.


Rules specifically mandated for the Isla Nycta Isle “Semi-Realism” servers.

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• If another apex enters the area you are in, it is mandatory to treat it as a threat. You should only allow a potential mate within your personal space.

• If you do not have claimed territory, you MUST treat other Apexes as a threat and be cautious around one another. Do not friendly call, share food or help each other kill prey.

• You MUST have a mate to nest or claim territory (territory being around a lake/specific area that you can easily protect).

• You must be aggressive to smaller threats in your claimed territory if they get within your personal space (i.e. Acros, Allos, Carnos, Etc).

• Apex pairs are allowed to fight to take over another apexes territory. Both pairs must threaten roar to challenge and accept the challenge. KOS rules do NOT apply in a territory battle. This can be a fight to the death, but if one side 4 calls the winners must let them leave. The losers have to leave the territory and wait 30 minutes before they can challenge again. If they do not leave after multiple 3 calls, the winners can choose to kill them.

• If two apexes are fighting, a solo apex cannot jump in to attack either side in fear of them turning on him. They must wait until one side is dead, then may challenge the other side for the body.

• Sub-Adult and Juvie apexes may pack up to 4, though they may not have any adults with them.

• Adult apexes may pair with another adult or a Sub-Adult of either gender. If both apexes in a pair are adult, they may choose to adopt 1 Juvie (only adult Male x Female pairs may nest one) and be aggressive to all others. Only Adult apex pairs can adopt, Solo and Adult/Sub pairs must 3 call juvies away.


Rules specifically mandated for the Isla Nycta Isle “Semi-Realism” servers.

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• All dinosaurs swim through water to travel, but only Spinosaurids (Spino, Sucho, Bary, Austro), dilo and velo can swim to lake islands to hunt. If you are bleeding, you cannot enter the water.

• To avoid being hunted, ONLY Sauropods, Spinosaurids, Dilo and Velo are allowed to escape to and remain in water if they have NOT bitten something or have been bitten. If it has been bitten/bitten something, it must stay out of water until it or it's prey has escaped/died.

• If Sauropods, Spinosaurids, Dilo and Velo are swimming, they are safe from being hunted by land-dwelling dinosaurs, but can still be chased out to be hunted by Spinosaurids. If your land-dwelling dino is swimming and they are not, they still cannot be hunted.

ONLY Sauropods (Puerta, Cama) and Spinosaurids are allowed to rest, hide in and swim around in water when NOT bleeding. If Sauropods, Spinosaurids, Dilo and Velo are swimming, they are safe from being hunted by land-dwelling dinosaurs, but can still be chased out to be hunted by Spinosaurids.

• Only Paired Spinos can guard LAKES and the land surrounding it up to the treeline, (NOT rivers) from other spinosaurids if they claim it as their territory. They can threaten off anything that enters their water. If a dino doesn't leave after plenty of warning, the spinos can attack until they flee, four call, or are killed.

• You MUST be wary of other Spinosaurid species in the water with you. Even if you are neutral to them, you are not friends, so keep your distance. If a spino pair has claimed a lake as their territory, they may choose to tolerate up to 2 Suchos and/or 4 Barys, any more and they must push them out.

• Spinos only tolerate another spino in their water if they are PAIRED with them, meaning only One Solo Spino or One Pair may be in a single lake. Exceptions to this rule; Great Lake - Can have 2 Solo Spinos or 1 Pair. Swamp - 3 Solo Spinos or 2 Pairs.


Rules specifically mandated for the Isla Nycta Isle “Semi-Realism” servers.

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• Nesting herbivores are aggressive toward anything but oros, tacos and their own species, and will not allow themselves to be used as meat shields.

• Be aware! Your meat shield could turn on you to protect themselves or their herd, especially if they have young. You're a threat to them and their young if you're being hunted. Watch for aggression aimed at you.

• If something on their avoid list lingers or makes a kill near the nest(s), herbivores must give the carnivore space to eat and/or find somewhere safer. If the hunter is not on the avoid list, allow it to eat then push it away. The carnivore must leave or be aggressed. If it kills again, the herbivore can continue to threaten/mock attack. If the carnivore doesn't go, it can be chased down and/or killed.

• Herbivores prefer to run when threatened, but if it's not possible (too slow, bleeding, or with young) they are able to defend themselves/their herd to the death.

• Herbivores CANNOT chase down a carnivore if it hasn’t come into their personal space. If it is, try to give ample warning for it to leave. If it doesn't get the point, only then can it be chased but only for a few seconds from where you started. If it comes close again, it can be chased down and killed.

• If all of the adults die, the hatchlings may be mercy killed without fault.

• Herbivores can chase down to attack/kill carnivores in these conditions:

• If the herbivore is being hunted by a pair or pack; you can kill one to save yourself/your herd.

• If the carnivore has been threatened/chased off repeatedly and keeps getting close (within two of the carnivores body length).

• If the carnivore is seen openly tracking a herd for an extended period of time and/or it has been chased off multiple times.

• If the carnivore bites a herd member, or has failed an attack multiple times.

• If the carnivore has eaten a fallen herd/pack member and continues to aggress the same herd.


Only applies to Isla Nycta 2 - a map hosted as a Deathmatch game on the Test Level map. While this server will have considerably less rules than Isla Nycta 1, the following rules are still considered reportable offenses.

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• Global chat is still enabled and a privilege, not a right. Insults/Spam/Racism/Sexual references/Roleplay is NOT tolerated in global chat. Listen to a staff member if they tell you to drop the discussion or topic if they feel that it is getting out of hand.

• No spawn camping. Remaining near spawn and killing multiple times is considered camping.

• Do not spam broadcasts or other loud vocalizations.

• Profile rules and restrictions do not apply to Isla Nycta 2.

● The items listed down below are restricted for Isla Nycta 1 and 3, but are allowed without consequence in Isla Nycta 2.

• KOSing/"Killing-on-Sight/For Sport" is allowed.

• Mega-packing is allowed. There will be no pack limits depending on the species.

• Mixed packing and carebearing is allowed.

• Corpse-guarding is allowed.

• Revenge-killing and targeting are allowed, but not encouraged.
• "Treasonous/backstabbing/baiting" actions such as killing a group member, using 2-calls/limping to encourage someone closer, are allowed.

• Anything else not in this list that is otherwise listed as a restriction for Isla Nycta 1 and 3 is permitted.


Only applies to Isla Nycta 4 and 5 - servers that do not adhere to the restrictions of the semi-realism servers. While this server will have considerably less rules than Isla Nycta 1, the following rules are still considered reportable offenses.

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• Even if the servers listed as “free-for-all” do not rules that are meant to control gameplay, there are still common sense rules meant to protect players.

• In any chat, insults/spam/racism/bigotry/toxicity is not tolerated.

• Revealing locations where players are in the discord is prohibited.