Isla Nycta, a cherished brainchild of the Youtuber Anthomnia, is a franchise of servers with its home hosted on a dinosaur-survival simulator game known as The Isle, offering a competitive yet thrilling experience. Our servers boasts large numbers and dynamic gameplay in a world fleshed out with dinosaur profiles meant to increase immersion while protecting players from unnatural behaviors such as mixed megapacks, overpacking, and random acts of mass-carnage.

However, that's not all we plan to to give our players...

Somewhere upon the island lurks a new breed of monster, a cobalt beast unlike anything previously experienced. It is the Nyctatyrannus - a tissoplastic theropod with a venomous bite and excellent sensory advantages in scent-tracking and nightvision. This imposing, toxic devil is a formidable opponent with its large reservoir of stamina and quick ambush. And thus, it remains as the Mascot of Isla Nycta.