How to Record In-Game

  • Press “T” to start recording.

    • The indicator may or may not show up in the top right screen.

  • If you want to make sure you are recording, access your in-game settings > Gameplay > Auto Record.

    • Any time you will enter a server, you will be recording at all times.

    • If you press “T” again, this will cancel your auto record!

    • After a server crashes, recordings will become bugged. To fix this, you will need to press “T” again or go into your settings to reset it.

  • To find your recordings:

    • >In-Game Main Menu

    • >Replays - the one at the top left will be your most recent recording.

Recording Controls

  • Move around with WSAD, look with the mouse. Scrolling with the mouse wheel zooms in the camera and speeds up movement, as well as slowing it down.

  • Right-clicking will “jump” you through the map. If you get the camera stuck under the map, turn the camera to the sky and use the right mouse click to get unstuck.

  • Use the “-” or “+” keys to speed up/slow down the replay by 0.1.

    • Alternatively you can use the “<<“ or “>>” to jump the speed by about 1.0 at the top of the control panel.

  • Press the little person icon (next to the “<<“ and “>>”) on the control panel to go to the dinos closest to you! It jumps to people by calls but you should find yourself!

Finding your Replays

  • To find the replays in your file:

    • Type in: %localappdata%/TheIsle in the url (left of the search bar).

    • Click on the "Saved" File.

    • Click on the "Demos" File.

    • Find the demo that corresponds with your report

    • Compress the file into a .ZIP folder (Right click > Send to > Compress)

    • Drag and drop into the report section along with your report.

Known Issues with Recordings

  • Eating/drinking animations are bugged. If you see a dino eating/drinking while moving (sliding) just go onto the recording time indicator (the line) and click on the spot you are at.

  • Calls are currently bugged and will not show in replays.

  • Yes. We all know everyone is spinning like a pretty ballerina.

  • Noticed on V3 map replays. Sometimes it will stop randomly and refuse to move forward unless you completely reload the replay. If you try to skip through the replay they will no longer work and you have to reload it.