Difficulty Locating Isla Nycta on Dev Branch?

With thanks to Pollie#7146 for this method!

  • Open Steam.

  • Top left of the UI, click Steam.

  • Click Settings.

  • Click In-Game.

  • Set in-game Server Browser Max Pings / Minute to 500.

Game is Out of Date?

With thanks to Souretsu#4513 for this method!

  • Full link to guide here.

  • Right-click The Isle in your Steam library.

  • Select Properties.

  • Select the Betas Tab.

  • Use the drop-down menu on this screen to select the version of the game you want.

    • “None” is the standard public branch.

    • “Development Branch” is the development branch.

    • “Legacy” is an extremely outdated version of the game that is no longer officially supported, but it can be used if you wish.